What to do when desperate for a date

Being single can be hard, and even more so when you feel lonely and desperate for a date. Maybe you’ve been single for too long, just got out of a relationship, or been in one that didn’t work out. 

Whatever the reason, sometimes it can feel like there’s a giant hole in your life where a romantic partner should be. But sometimes, the best thing to do is just go ahead and date Cairns escorts for a pleasurable night. 

Yet, after all the fun with your escort, you may still feel like everyone else has already found their soulmates while you are searching. If you’re feeling lonely and desperate for a date, here are some things you can do to try to fill that void while avoiding falling into common traps:

You’re Not The Only Lonely Guy

If this is how you feel right now, then know that you are not the only lonely guy, and many understand the situation completely. Asking someone out directly can seem intimidating. Putting yourself out there in person might not be an option, and if it is, who knows how well it’ll go, anyway, as it might fail. 

Take The Risk 

You can also opt to make yourself vulnerable by asking a total stranger out on a date because when they say no, at least you’ll know that they weren’t interested in hooking up either. It’s not easy to approach someone randomly and ask them out, especially if you’re new to town or in a very public place like a coffee shop. 

But if you really want to go out on a limb and take the risk of rejection, then make sure it’s worth it. If that seems too daunting for now, consider hanging out with friends to meet someone new so there’ll be less pressure.

Avoid Trap Dating Apps 

If you’re looking for love, it can be tempting to try anything and everything. But if you’re desperate for a date, don’t fall into trap apps that promise instant results. Instead, go out there and meet people in real life. 

Don’t use dating apps as a replacement for other social activities. If all your friends are married or unavailable on Friday nights, don’t let them slip away from their relationships. 

Instead, try making new ones by going out with coworkers after work or joining clubs around town where people who share similar interests gather regularly, such as book clubs. You might even find yourself learning something new about yourself along the way, and if nothing else comes out of these experiences except friendship itself, then consider yourself still lucky. 

She May Not Meet The Criteria 

Make sure you’re not being too picky. It’s easy to get into the habit of only dating people who meet all of our criteria like they must love animals, but this kind of attitude can lead us down an endless rabbit hole where you never wind up meeting anyone. 

Try setting aside your stringent requirements for just one evening and see who shows up. There may be someone perfect for you in ways even your most impossible standards couldn’t predict. 

In Conclusion

You might find that your desperation leads to dating success after all, if you start taking proactive steps.